Improved Performance

Our passion is to help a few companies become truly great by:

  • Returning more to their shareholders,  
  • Energizing their employees,
  • Gaining admiration and recognition in their communities, and
  • Earning the respect of regulators.

We work with high achieving companies to overcome challenges in the “new normal” world of Exploration and Production.

  • Harnessing Change
  • Attracting and motivating talented people
  • Deploying new technology fast and efficiently
  • Knowledge Transfer

Rising Supply-Falling Demand for oil and gas

  • New Markets
  • New Customers
  • Managing  with sustained Price Volatility

Access to the resource base

  • Regulation of Drilling Practices
  • Water Restrictions
  • Emissions
  • Public Perceptions
  • Regulatory Complexity
  • Working with National Oil Companies and Local Partners
  • Fiscal Terms

Capital Efficiency

  • Attracting Capital
  • Ensuring Attractive Returns to Investors
  • M&A / Organic Growth?
  • Private Equity/Public Offering?
  • Debt/Equity?
  • Cash Flow Allocation: CapEx? Share buyback? Acquisition?


  • Managing Knowledge: Who Needs to know and When?
  • Decision Making-Authority: Staying Nimble with Quality Control
  • Organizing for Maximum Efficiency
  • Team building-Team Leadership
  • Digital Tools: Right application at the right time for the right reason

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